American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Mi Guo

The case is located in Lin’an, the west part of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, known as a natural oxygen producer. The interior area is 960 ㎡, and the client requires a high aesthetic point. They hope that the design team can combine the architecture, landscape, and interior design to get a unique and novel project.

We will achieve a reasonable function due to the construction environment, meet the owners’ requirement, and their demands.

After in-depth communication with the client, the overall tone of the project is dark gray, combined with the large-scale floor-to ceiling window to introduce the natural scene for the indoor space, reduce the dark atmosphere while strengthening the interaction relationship between indoor and outdoor space.

-1F large area of the wall using dark strip stone, ground light belt, combined with the well designed garden scene outside the large window, the dignity of the main banquet hall arises spontaneously, which is the best choice to entertain guests.

1F not only divides the spatial functions according to many load-bearing structure columns, but also connects all the spaces together, increasing the space transparency and enjoyment.To the left is the living room, dining room and kitchen; to the right is the tea house, the entertainment space composed of wine and music playroom.They are connected by the interior long walkway, so it is a dynamic-static separation, at the same time, it ensures the integrity of the space.The delicate spiral staircase, the exquisite starry sky lights over the living room, the water corrugated top surface over the entertainment room, and the atmospheric light highlight the owner’s pursuit towards high quality lifestyle.

2F and 3F are private space, with the exquisite color collocation and super long desk of the daughter room, the low-key and introverted color and the stone material, the unique ceiling of the main bedroom and the wide vision outside the large window. All expresses the high quality for private space, giving more comfort than public space, because the bedroom is the place for spending more time and a place for relaxation.

The case is a project combined with reality, and with repeated deliberation, repeated conception, repeated comparison, such as a gem needs to be carefully carved. A quality goods need more works.

Yang Wangyu’s design team has been full of dedication and love for design for more than 20 years, and has a great influence in the industry, often sharing design projects and design experience.

They always pursuing perfection, good ability, strong sense of service, customers who have served have given high evaluation. They own unique understanding and form a peculiar design concept and design method.

Therefore, they have won numerous design awards in China and abroad, and also attended and served as a judge of many activities.


China’s outstanding space designer

Since 2000, He focuses on the design of Chinese residential housing and luxury villas till today, he didn’t change his original premise.

He advocates the innovative design and diversity of design, and focusing on the privately figured residential housing for the elite class such as high-ended full-case space design. He creates many villa, mansion and showroom projects in Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places in China.

For 20 years, he has won numerous awards in China and overseas. He devotes himself to interior design, and his perfectionism and rigorous attitude to the every project receive highly praise.


In 2022, won American International Innovative Award (AIIDA 2022), International Innovation Award

In 2021, won Italy International Design Award (IIDA 2021), International Innovation Award

In 2020, won IDG International Space Design Award, International Innovation Award;

In 2020, won IDG International Space Design Award, Top 10 famous Designers of the Year;

In 2020, won Italy International Design Award (IIDA 2021), International Innovation Award in professional award

In 2020, won Italy International Design Award (IIDA 2021), International Innovation Award in character award

Top 10 Most Influential Designer of the Year, 2020;

In 2019, China decoration design week, won the decoration industry international influential designer certificate number: 1807RW003;

2019 9th International Space Design Award Ai Te Art Award Beijing Division: Display Art [Soft Decoration Design];

2019 Second National Red Innovation Award;

In 2019, 7th IDG International Space Design Award, Top 10 Senior Designers of the Year;

In 2019, GPDP AWARD International Design Award, TOP100 Designer;

2019, he was awarded as the Ambassador of the 2019 China-France International Design Exchange;

2019 Asia Pacific Space Design, Space Art Master of the Year;

2019 China’s architecture decoration industry top ten influential figures;

In 2018, 1st National Red Innovation Award, Silver prize and The Best Performance

The 13th China International Architectural Decoration 2018: Design influence China ~2017-2018 China’s top 10 boutique cases;

The 13th China International Architectural Decoration Award 2018: the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up ~ outstanding contribution to China’s architectural decoration industry designer;

In 2016 (CBDA Design Award) won the Best Senior Designer;

In 2016 (CBDA Design Award) won the silver award in the villa space category;

In 2015-2016, won the top ten most influential designers of the year (villa and mansion space category);

In 2015-2016, won the top ten annual boutique cases of Design Impact in China;

In 2016, won the Golden Bund finalist;

In 2014-2015, won the top 10 most innovative designers;

In 2015 (the sixth Nest Award) won the model Room Space Excellence Award;

2014 “Future Star” Decoration Design Competition professional judges;

In 2014, it won the top ten designers of Hangzhou Design Fashion Year;

In 2014, he was awarded as an accomplished Senior Interior Architect;

In 2014, he won the China Outstanding Designer of the Year;

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