American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Shanghai M&G Stationery

Shanghai M&G Stationery locates at the new landmark of Shanghai — Rafael Sky City.with 1500 staffs and up to 35 departments, which comprises of one subsidiary corporation and possesses an office space totally covering 18 floors of that building with an area up to 21000 m2. MAG design group visited the M&G Stationery and made comprehensive inquiries to re-arrange the architecture and the vertical and horizontal traffic relationship, so as to keep the whole building in order. MAG determined “glorious thriving along with daylight” as its design concept. The concept, being full of youthful spirit and embracing the positive visions, implies that the corporation is the industry leader as the “glorious sunlight in the morning”, exhibiting the vigorous power of Shanghai M&G Stationery headquarter that embraces the positive visions. The project presents its internationalization, sense of belonging, vitality, flexibility and sense of technology to every one of them with various spatial experience.

About MAG studio

MAG Studio, winner of multiple international professional awards, is a design team with global vision, diverse domestic and international qualifications in design, and international management. Our goal is to create the most suitable and popular places. We gather the best and most creative designers who think out of the box to participate in each unique project and finally create beautiful designs and quantifiable value. We build customized spaces for different projects with an element of culture and create exquisite and orderly lifestyles by reshaping spaces.

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