American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Suzhou Taihu Resort 2022-WG-4 block project

Taihu Lake, as the birthplace of Wu culture, has a profound heritage and is rich in historical sites. The city of Suzhou, located by the lake, is a charming blend of old and new, exuding the charm of the Jiangnan region. In the context of the new era, we aim to bridge the traditional and the contemporary, not only tracing back to our roots but also exploring new possibilities. We adhere to and reasonably continue the architectural style, incorporating local traditional culture, and upholding the principle of balance and restraint. Our goal is to blend artistic aesthetics with modern style and natural humanistic elements, creating a tranquil haven in the urban environment.

Strolling through the art corridor, one can enjoy the spaciousness and brightness brought by the high ceilings and large floor-to-ceiling windows. The interplay of light and shadow creates a harmonious relationship with the abundant columns, incorporating natural forms and shaping the essence of the space. Guided by the flow of light and shadow, the end of the corridor leads to the entrance of the negotiation area, where various seating arrangements are thoughtfully laid out, creating a sense of scale, order, and clarity. The sloping roof ceiling design not only embodies traditional elements but also serves as a modern interpretation of Jiangnan-style architecture. As the gaze extends through the space, it intersects and permeates with the water bar at the end, creating an eclectic and casual atmosphere within the clear and structured framework. The grid framework in the background, illuminated by the lights, exudes a sense of lightness and purity.

The space design conveys a modern style with a minimalist and exquisite sense of detail, revealing a unique taste and artistic sentiment.

The integration of traditional Oriental aesthetics into contemporary design showcases the wisdom of Eastern aesthetics and cultural development. By employing strong contrasts, light and shadow, gradients, and fusion, it brings a more rich sense of depth to our visual experience, making simple things more diverse and intricate.

Comfortable furniture and elegant artworks can be seen throughout the space, fully showcasing the designer’s pursuit of comfort in the details. Immersed in this environment, one’s thoughts drift away, allowing oneself to find a peaceful sanctuary.

Awaken the “neighborhood” to create a pleasant marketing center experience, once again innovating the concept of “de-commercializing the sales office,” and comprehensively interpreting a unique commercial space from the aspects of space, experience, topicality, and post-functional replacement.

The balance between modern art and traditional artistic conception, the glass art installation gives a sense of agility to the space. The natural rhythm of the wind and the ethereal play of light and shadow express the inclusive Eastern aesthetic attitude.

The pine waves listen to the wind, while the stones remain silent. The cultivation of objects in the space is entrusted to a serene environment. Among the selected materials, the combination and techniques are modern, but the overall atmosphere of the space truly embodies the Eastern sense of subtlety.

About Zuo Zhongyou Design Consulting Co., Ltd

Zuo Zhongyou Design Consulting Co., Ltd. is a new creative alliance in China, currently Zuo Zhongyou has set up a number of design companies in Suzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Nottingham, UK. The team has a diverse design background and innovative temperament, and is composed of a number of senior foreign architects, senior designers who have studied abroad for many years and young designers from major art schools.

Under the guidance of the design concept of “to be bright, but also to learn endlessly”, we focus on providing overall services from architecture, landscape, interior and soft furnishings for high-end real estate, luxury homes, clubs, hotels, offices and educational institutions. Our original vision was to be one of the most trusted design firms in the industry, designing meaningful Spaces. It is our mission to promote modern Chinese design through cooperation with the best talents, customers and craftsmen.

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