American International Innovative Design Award 2024

The Cliff Hotel

The cliff hotel is located at the foot of Modou Mountain in Jianchuan County, Yunnan. It adheres to the concept of “integrating four states” by combining traditional culture with modern design. The hotel incorporates elements of Bai ethnic architecture as its foundation, while providing modern facilities and a comfortable accommodation environment. The overall design of the hotel respects the environment and harmoniously coexists with nature, allowing guests to enjoy the magnificent mountains and natural landscapes surrounding it. The choice of building materials is influenced by local culture, with a simple and rustic exterior and clean and concise lines that emphasize the beauty of natural materials.

About Guangdong Prefabricated Building Design Institute Co. , Ltd.

Guangdong Prefabricated Building Design Institute Co. , Ltd. is an innovative survey and design enterprise integrating scientific research, design, intelligent construction consulting and engineering management, nearly 100 items of independent research and development intellectual property rights, won the“National Science and technology-oriented, small and medium-sized enterprises” title; National Investment project approval and supervision platform“Engineering Consulting Unit” qualification certification; won the GZCC three-standard system certification; Is the enterprise credit evaluation AAA grade credit enterprise. Through Green Eco-urban and rural industrial planning, building assembly-type R & D, and design to achieve the whole process of intelligent construction industrialization, with the whole process, engineering consulting as the core, to provide high-quality comprehensive for urban construction, business coverage of industrial planning, consulting, planning, architecture, BIM technology r & D, prefabricated building, technology r & D, Landscape Architecture, design and construction contracting, etc. , engineering construction field.

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